I have a site that I have written under NT4/IIS 4 with an Access 2000 Database, using MDAC2.6 and the latest JET drivers (v4.0).<BR><BR>I now have to deploy this site on a Windows2000/IIS 5 server. On the Win2k Server database access is intermittent. Sometimes it is fine, and othertimes I get an "Unspecified Error" when I try to read to the database, and it takes about 20 seconds before I can read again.<BR><BR>Whenever I try to write to the database with an ADODB command object with "INSERT" or "UPDATE" SQL Statements, I get this error: "Operation must use an updateable query"...<BR><BR>Help! I&#039m freaking out! Has anyone used IIS5.0 and Access 2000 together without any problems?? Has anyone been through this before?<BR>