I&#039m trying to figure out the best way to do this. I have a product review<BR>section, which can be broken down to about ten categories. Those categories<BR>get broken down into Manufacturers. The way I have it setup now is with one<BR>table. This table contains the following fields:<BR><BR>category ID<BR>userId<BR>manufacturer<BR>model<BR>review<BR >misc junk<BR>""<BR>""<BR>""<BR><BR>The userId field correlates with the userInfo table, so I&#039m keeping it in<BR>one DB. What I want to do is display a category, and then split that it<BR>displays one line for each manufacturer that has a product reviewed, but<BR>next to it tells how many review there are for that manufacturer for that<BR>category. Does that make sense? The DB might look like this:<BR><BR>helmets, 23, agv, modelQ, blah, more blah<BR>helmets, 54, agv, ModelX, blah, more blah<BR>leathers, 13, agv, ModelL, blah, more blah<BR>helmets, 27, shoei, RF800, blah, more blah<BR><BR>And it would display like this:<BR><BR>Helmets<BR> AGV(2)<BR> Shoei(1)<BR><BR>I hope that didn&#039t make it confusing. I know I&#039ll have to use DISTINCT for<BR>part of it, so that I can seperate the individual manufacturer names, but I<BR>don&#039t know how exactly to get the number of reviews for said manufacturer. I<BR>could do a seperate query, like SELECT COUNT(*) FROM pr WHERE catId=x and<BR>manufacturer=&#039somebody&#039<BR>Which I still can&#039t seem to display the total that count found btw. Even so,<BR>I would have to do that statement for every single manufacturer listed,<BR>wouldn&#039t I? Is there a way to do this all in one big query? or am I going to<BR>have to split it up in some fashion? Thanks for actually reading this whole<BR>thing.<BR><BR><BR>