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    hi, how to enable the readonly property only. i have tried the disable<BR>property but it goes to the extent of disabling the usability<BR>of getting the<BR>value of the textboxes and etc. and in addition, the controls<BR>are dimmed in<BR>gray... color

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    Not only what you mentioned, but "disabled" *ONLY* works in MSIE, no other browsers.<BR><BR>SO...<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Text Name=Whatever Value=Something onFocus="this.blur();"&#062;<BR><BR>In other words, if the user tries to set focus on a field, just move them gently away.<BR><BR>Note that simply doing "this.blur();" will set the focus to the *window* which is sometimes not good (e.g., if the user hits backspace at this point, the browser emulates the BACK button!). It is better if, instead, you can send the focus to a *not* readonly form item, such as (perhaps) the submit button of the form:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Text Name=Whatever Value=Something onFocus="this.form.theSubmitButton.focus();"&#062; <BR><BR>Hokay?<BR>

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    good day, mentor! emmm, how do you deal with compatibility issues in regards to coding with respect to IE and NN

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