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    Default Open Letter to the Board, comments welcome

    I started visiting the ASPMessageboard in January 2000 when I started to learn ASP. When I started coming here it was very enjoyable, people coming, asking intelligent questions, and getting cordial answers to their questions. That has not been the case recently. Witness Mr. Wilkinson last week, and again today (the dan incident). Bill, Steve, Akhilesh and several others(whatever happened to Duncan King?) are probably the most prominent names on these boards. Now we have to deal with people that have absolutely no manners (dan). The aforementioned names go way, way, way out of their way to help us newbies. For someone that is inexperienced to come here and insult them is very inappropriate, and robs the people who truly need the help. How many more disclaimers to we need to have on our board before people start behaving like grown ups. I truly would not want to have the ASP board moderated, but it is coming to that point. All of the foul language is not appropriate for this venue. Granted I myself swear like a truck driver, I know when to maintain myself and act like a professional. It is just a shame that too many other inexperienced developers come here with an attitude, insult the true PRO&#039s here and drive them away. I come here daily, not only to post, but to read other posts to learn from them. I do this so that I don&#039t need to ask a question that has already been posted the same or previous day. I too have posted questions here that are easy to answer, but we all have brain dumps sometime (see my post under access date help from the morning of 12-7-00). I just wanted to let you know my feelings on this matter.<BR><BR>mj

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    Default RE: Open Letter to the Board, comments welcome

    Yes I&#039ve noticed it as well.<BR><BR>I think that the blame lies on both sides - the Posters of the questions AND the people that answer them.<BR><BR>THE POSTERS<BR>-------------<BR>Firstly, I think that it noted somewhere that many people spend large amounts of time answering other peoples questions. That&#039s fine! However, when people come and ask things such as "How do I build an e-commerce site?" or dump 100 lines of code and say "What&#039s wrong with this?", then frustrations will surely build up.<BR><BR>THE RESPONDERS<BR>----------------<BR>I think that the people who respond here need to do a bit of self examination at times and say "Why is it that I spend all day here answering other peoples questions?". Remember, we&#039re all here for one reason or another, and it&#039s not always just because we&#039re samaritans.<BR><BR>I also think that some of the so called &#039Experts&#039 that post here should get down from their high place and remember that 2 years ago they were the ones asking the dumb questions at 3:00 am in the morning!<BR><BR>Having said all of that, I actually like this Messageboard just the way it is and don&#039t see the need to make it moderated. If you browse through some of the moderated boards (The Jobs board is a classic example) you&#039ll see exactly the same sort of dumb-*** comments. The only difference is that it your posting doesn&#039t get posted straight away.<BR><BR>This messageboard *is* the best place on the web, to learn about the nature of things, *if* you spend enough time here, and if you *do* spend long enough here you&#039ll come to realize that it&#039s all just a game really and we are each bit players ;)<BR><BR>My 2c (If you only wanted 1c keep the change)<BR><BR>Rod<BR>

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    Default RE: My answers

    I guess the thing here to realize is that everyone is human. Just like any place... the mall, the bar, your workplace, etc., you&#039re going to run into many different personalities. Some have more patience in asking questions/answering questions than others. Some can articulate their thoughts better when asking/answering questions. Some are jerks, some are nice, some are angry... you get the point.<BR><BR>I think it comes down to which side of the fence you&#039re sitting on. On some points, the responder thinks that "Hey, you&#039re getting an answer for free, so you&#039ll take whatever I give you". On others, the argument "Don&#039t you know what it was like to start out?" stands out for me. Whose right and wrong? You have to remember that the different personalities, education levels, and cultural differences influence how things are posted, whether asking a question or answering a question.<BR><BR>Some of you may remember that I was the one who gave BalletChick a hard time for simply telling people to RTFM. In her perspective, she thought I was telling her to "spoon feed" the answer to someone. I wasn&#039t, but it really doesn&#039t matter what you INTEND, it&#039s how you&#039re perceived. I thought it was the wrong way to approach how to "give an answer", no matter how frustrating it is at times. Only my opinion, neither do I think I&#039m right or wrong.<BR><BR>&#062;&#062;I think that the people who respond here need to do a bit of self examination at times and say "Why is it that I spend all day here answering other peoples questions?"&#060;&#060;<BR><BR>Hmmm,,, I don&#039t think I personally spend "all day" in here. I come in on spurts, such as now, while I&#039m waiting for a program to finish it&#039s 22 minute execution. Some people choose to play solataire on the computer at this time, I come in here to read posts to find something I didn&#039t already know. If I have the chance to help somebody, then great. So I don&#039t think I&#039m spending "all day", however, my name does appear quite often, but some answers don&#039t require too much time.<BR><BR>I hope I&#039ve never came down on someone for being new, and if I ever have, I PERSONALLY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT IT (I do not speak for the rest of this board!!!!) If you don&#039t want to publicily post it, please send an email to<BR><BR>I do remember what it was like starting out, so I tend to post that way. I am by no means an expert. In fact, I hit my one year mark this month in first ever seeing HTML/ASP/SQL Server. I&#039ll admit when I&#039m wrong (except to Akhilesh) and I don&#039t tend to think I&#039m posting things here to "feel better about myself".<BR><BR>Yep, it&#039s all just a game. But it&#039s entertaining at times, to say the least!<BR><BR>My 2... hey, at what year did they remove the cent sign from the keyboard????? I know it was there at one point. Shows how much I pay attention! (wasn&#039t it above the 2?)

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    Default Great now I have 4c

    Speaking from the point of view of a NEWBIE, anyone can ask a stupid question but it takes a real knucklehead to listen to it.<BR><BR>(Your 4c + My 2c)<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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    Default MY response

    I was never on a high horse (as the expression goes) to get off. I am no where near advanced YET though some people (very few people) here may think i am.<BR><BR>I have been working on ASP for less than a year (not 2) now and i do have a lot to learn. I NEVER posted any question leave alone dumb ones. I knew of this site BUT never posted for answers. I used books, manuals, help from coworkers and other sites on the new went through the FAQs and other sample code. In that case i guess it took me longer and i am happy i did that if i could go back i would not change a DO NOT generalise by saying "they were the ones asking the dumb questions at 3:00 am in the morning" i MAY be an exception...obviously i needed help but i did it the slow and hard way and guess what...i am proud of it.<BR><BR>The reason i come here to learn...I am a selfish guy i dont come here to help people i come here to get more efficient ways go doing what i do. I KNOW if i am given something to do i WILL see it through [period] only thing i MAY not know the most/more efficient method of doing just that and i do get help here to push me a bit in the right direction.<BR><BR>&#062;This messageboard *is* the best place on the web, to learn <BR>&#062;about the nature of things<BR><BR>This is somehting i would NEVER agree with. IMO if you wnat to learn do it yourself..You will earn more and remember more by doing it yourself not having it given to you. Here you learn all right but if i or anyone else had the patience like Billy (unless he is talking through his hat) to go to sites and read and read and after you finish reading read some more....THATS when you really learn and you will remember what you learnt. <BR><BR>I had the time then now i dont. <BR><BR>The help (if i may) is my way of giving back what i got from here. I do tend to ask people to do R&D and NOT give them the answer completly....WHY cause they will learn too and if they dont like that i will NOT get of my high "chair" i will keep asking them to do the same thing...they dont like that IGNORE replies to their posts<BR><BR>MY $10,000.....yeah right like i have too much

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    Default And 2¢ more makes 6¢?

    I tend to agree with Akhilesh that you learn a lot more by *NOT* asking questions. And it is one reason I actually go far, far out of my way sometimes to locate a web page or resource rather than just throw out an answer. If I show you the page on the MSDN site where cursor types in ADO recordsets are explained, I *hope* you will remember that MSDN has a complete reference manual for ADO and will come back there over and over. If I simply tell you what the number that corresponds to adOpenKeyset is, what have you really learned? Not much.<BR><BR>Enough. I wasn&#039t even going to say this much, but I *had* to demo to Steve how to put in a &#162; sign.

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    Default Ahh, but that is not the answer

    I was looking for...<BR><BR>Years ago, I remember having a typewritter. The cent symbol was located on the keyboard somewhere! I know I&#039m not crazy... I remember typing cheezy newsletters to my parents and charging them the .25. There WAS a cent sign SOMEWHERE on a typewritter keyboard. I was just wondering what they replaced with it?? Perhaps the ^ over the 6?<BR><BR>Should be a good trivia question. Perhaps I&#039ll check around.

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