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    Jean-Luc Guest

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    One "may be" customer is asking how can he be sure how to protect his website from one person giving his id and password to one or more friends therefore allowing several people to use the same account. Any idea how to do that ?<BR><BR>jean-luc

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    You really cannot do anything about that. What you can do is only allow that "user ID" to be logged in one at a time. <BR>Example:<BR>If user_id "joe" is already logged into the site, then his friend that is using the same user_idpassword cannot(only one joe at a time). If it is some type of pay site. Most people will not want to take the chance of getting caught or share something they had to pay for. You could also make them change their password every 30 days or so (real pain in the a$$). If it is on an could always do thumb print scanners. :)<BR><BR>just my $.02<BR><BR>DRUG_DEALER

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    Jean-Luc Guest

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    Bof, it doesn&#039t look too good. Thanks for your input anyway.

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