Sending email without Cdonts?

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Thread: Sending email without Cdonts?

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    Default Sending email without Cdonts?

    Hello. If I have no control over the server, and permission is denied for cdonts, how can I send email via asp?<BR><BR>Can I use a free email tool that will work IF I do *not* have use of the actual server, but am just hosting a domain, or do these free tools need to be registered on the server?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>

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    Default they need to be registered ON the server

    get in contact with your server and see what they support...

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    Default Can aspemail do this?

    They suck. THey support asp email.<BR><BR>But the faq and support are frustrating. Do you/anybody know if Asp email, which they DO support, work like cdonts to personalize or do I have to use it for ****_y forms only?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default RE: Can aspemail do this?

    ASPEmail has got many futures go through the livedemo and documentation in the site<BR><BR><BR>I think it will answer you what can be done with that and the special features of that<BR><BR>good luck

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