jones is an *** too

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Thread: jones is an *** too

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    Default jones is an *** too

    well, i said i wouldn&#039t add to that last post. but sense people are acting like ***kin 2 year olds with clever remarks like crybaby bla bla bla, i have to be more of an ***.... and proud of it now. oh whooops, sorry for the new post by the way. i know how we hate that here.

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    Default RE: You are the person to clarify me about?

    Somewhere i hear saying asses have their brains down their feet.<BR>And looking at this AAAAAAAAAASSSSSS, i got to believe what i hear.<BR><BR>"DO WHAT YOU SAY"

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    Default its beyond that

    i don&#039t care any more... do what you want. I am purposing to be an *** now. And my brain is fine where it is thanks

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