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    How do you accomplish this?<BR>1. user has the option of choosing from a few types of vehicles (car,truck,van etc)<BR>2. the 1st drop down gets populated based on that choice<BR>3. the 2nd drop down get s populated based on the choice in step two<BR>4. the 3rd drop down gets populated based on the choice in step 3<BR>all this is to be accomplished using ASP and scripts correct but how<BR><BR><BR>please help-- Thanx<BR>Clint

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    I did somethign similar to this and i used division markers throughout the page. Then when they select an item from the first dropdown box, the second box will populate the proper marker and so on and so forth.<BR>i.e<BR>1. Select first item from first box.<BR>2. div2.innerhtml = s ..s is a string of many html statements that draws the second drop down list.<BR>3. So on and so forth.<BR>

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    Default Two level example, at least...

    http://www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE <BR><BR>see the "categories" demo.<BR><BR>The principle is the same to go on to three lists. I might have an example of that lying around here somewhere if you can&#039t figure out how to extend it.<BR><BR>NOTE: In my code, I submit to myself to refresh the page with the new select list. If you want a version where the data is all preloaded--so no ASP round trips--see the "dynamic lists" topics at www.learnasp.com<BR><BR>

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