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    Nick Ward Guest

    Default Automation

    I&#039m trying to automate an action of sending a email to a list in a database based on a certain criteria. This task needs to be performed on a daily basis and I was chomping at the bit to get started after having read Mark Lidstone&#039s article about "Automating tasks with WSH". Well it turns out that my Hosting Company ( NT Webhosts) doesn&#039t support AT<BR>Scheduler so consequently I cannot create a vbs file to be called on a daily basis via the aforementioned. As I see it I&#039m left with 2 alternatives which are either find another hosting company that does support AT Scheduler or an alternative solution.Any comments and suggestions on this matter would be gratefully received.(the support team suggests that I call the script when the home page is loaded, but I don&#039t really want people waiting for the script to execute whilst waiting for the html to be written to the home page)<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>Nick<BR><BR>

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default RE: Automation

    Well, if you have enough traffic going to your site, and your host supports the WSH objects (WshShell, for example), you could have your home page call the WshShell.Run method to run the .vbs file with your emailling script ONCE around the same time every day. <BR><BR>The key, also, is to run it asynchronously, which would mean your page wouldn&#039t have to wait for it to complete to display. The bWaitOnReturn argument of the Run method being FALSE accomplishes this.<BR><BR>Does this makes sense?<BR>Richard

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    Nick Ward Guest

    Default RE: Automation

    Thanks for that Richard.<BR>The page i have at present can be executed as may times as i want as once an email has been sent the corresponding record in the database is flagged so as not to send another mail.<BR><BR>Could you point me in the right direction as to where i can find out how to use the method you describe.<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Nick

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Still looking at it...

    I&#039m actually having a bit of trouble realizing what I imagined would work. For some reason, it seems, the WShSheel object doesn&#039t want to run the script host to interpret the .vbs file I&#039m try to run.<BR><BR>I&#039ll have to persue it...<BR>send me an email at and I&#039ll let you know when I&#039ve got it.<BR>

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    Default problem with global.asa

    my server don&#039t run global.asa; i put it in the root forlder and i set excute;read and scripts option to this folder. <BR>please tell me how can make it work. <BR>thanks in advance!

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