(MF,As per ASP Q&A post)<BR><BR> I&#039m gathering info from a user thru the application and want to stream it into a word document on the final page.<BR> Ideal situation happens on Win98, Office2000, IE 5.5 machine - Word document is opened in a browser with all of the information.<BR> I&#039ve done this thru Response.ContentType = "application/msword"<BR>The problem that I&#039m having with Office97 (same Win98 and IE 5.5) is when the Word Document is opened in the browser all you see is the HTML code for that page.<BR> The same problem occured with Office2000, but SR2 took care of it. Office97 has both, SR1 and SR2, installed w/o resolution to the above described problem.<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR>Yeva