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    Hi.I have a broblem with MS Word.When i redirect to MS Word file via &#060;%Response.Redirect("Doc.doc")%&#062;,(I&#039 m using Visual Interdev),<BR>it opens in the browser with the text from MS Word file.<BR>Is there a way to get it open as MS Word not in browser.<BR>Thank you.

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    I spent an absolute age trying to sort this out for our intranet. I seem to remember posting to these forums but no-one was able to help. Fortunately I sorted it out for myself in the end :o)<BR><BR>You will find some clients work by showing the document within the browser (OLE) and others will start Word. This is also true for all the other MS Office applications - and MS Project is even worse because it does not do the same thing consistently on the same client!<BR><BR>The reason for different clients operating in a different way is basically down to the order in which MS Office and the browser were installed. If the browser is installed after office then it will open documents embedded in the browser window.<BR><BR>The solution is slightly different for Win95 and Win NT clients. Unfortuantely Win95 allows the user to change this setting via Explorer and file type options, which I guess is not what you wanted to hear...but there is no way to disable this option (that I know of)<BR><BR>The Win NT client situation is better, because you apply a registry amendment and unless your users are expert enough to change it back you shouldn&#039t have to worry. You can setup a REG file with all the changes required to cover all the office programs and ms project in one go.<BR><BR>The other thing to consider with the registry though is that if your users do not have local NT admin rights then they will not be able to update it themselves. This has caused me a bit of a headache, until our tech services area have now offered to remotely make this change on all windows PCs for me. The registry changes can also be applied to a Win 95 machine and the file type options setting is affected successfully.<BR><BR>For a full explanation please see the following MS article<BR><BR><BR><BR>cheers<BR>MF<BR>

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