Updating records in an access db.

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Thread: Updating records in an access db.

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    Default Updating records in an access db.

    I&#039ve got a couple of pages that read data from two tables in a DB, the user selects a specific record to view and can then modify it. Except, that the stupid thing won&#039t update. It give two error messages depending on what I change in the code. Either it can&#039t update the ID, which is silly &#039cause I don&#039t want it to. Or, there is an error in the UPDATE statement. I don&#039t get it, the code looks right to me. Could someone send me the code for updating records, don&#039t worry about connections to the db etc, that&#039s not the problem.<BR><BR>Many thanks.

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    Default Show some code

    Show us a sample of your code, and we can then look at it for you.

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