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    I know this is not a job board, so I hope that no one takes offense. But I am in need of some help here. And I don&#039t really know a better place to look for it then here. I am setting up a small web hosting environment, mainly to host our own web sites and some family friends. I would like to have a professional network engineer help me plan out our network for this. I would like someone that has GREAT experience with setting up windows 2000 with IIS 5.0 for this type of an environment. We don&#039t have much of an expense for this but we can pay a small modest amount. This is y I am posting this here as oppossed to a job board. Cause I know that this is where people come to HELP others out just for the sake of helping. If anyone is interested please contact me at Again, sorry for using this board as my recruiting grounds but I am in need.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Eric

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    Default There is a jobs forum...<BR><BR>This should be posted there...

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