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    Bill Trudell Guest

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    HELP PLEASE. I need to make a FIND button work on this page.. The code and associated data file can be retrieved at I am NOT a programmer. I just know how to connect things and bring it to life. I am using Design Time Controls. The other buttons work fine on the page. I know that a couple of ASP pages can be made to achieve the same goal. I&#039m looking at trying to contain the whole interaction on ONE page. I just don&#039t know the code that well. My e-mail is I desperately need help. I&#039m way over my head on this. The purpose for this page is so that our VOLUNTEERS who assist people in getting Meals on Wheels and other basic reporting information can enter the info. Although I use a .com please check out to see that we are in fact a lagit .org I use our .org domain for our Intranet. Please e-mail and I&#039ll give you access if you would care to see how this page will be used. Thank you in advance. Bill :)

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    I am assuming that the find button should allow users<BR>to search for a paticular record in the database?<BR><BR>can you explain exactly what you want to accomplish on the page?<BR>this would help us out a lot.<BR><BR>thanks!

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    Bill Trudell Guest

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    Yes the find button will allow anyone to look up a customer if they exist. Once found the logic follows to natural edit. It would be great to have multiple field look up. For example I could look me up on First name and Last name as well as what city or residence. Does this make sence?<BR>Thank you so much for looking into this.<BR><BR>Bill :)

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