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    hi,<BR> i would like to know how one goes about setting an option for the user to download a file for instance say a .Doc file or a .zip it just sufficient to place a link to that file as in &#060;a; i tried this out but it doesn&#039t pop up a window asking the user for the location where he&#039d like to store the file, as in most cases when someone downloads a file from the net....thanks<BR><BR>john

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    Default something to do with html... not asp

    well the short answer is &#039yes&#039 you do it by &#060;a href=xxx.doc&#062;doc&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>the behaviour of the browser is another issue...

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    thanks for your response<BR><BR>when i use this method say for a .doc file it just loads that file in a new window, when what i want is for a window to pop up and allow the user to store the file in his/her own location....<BR>is there anyway i could accomplish this...thanks again<BR><BR>john

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