How to mak a "EMAIL THIS PAGE" page

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Thread: How to mak a "EMAIL THIS PAGE" page

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    Default How to mak a "EMAIL THIS PAGE" page

    hey poeple<BR>there are lots of site which provide the facility ,that a perticuler page can be email. like there is a text box where we can enter our email address and they can email u that perticular page. do any body in this world know how this is been done. plz help<BR>thanks in advance

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    Default a lot to learn

    well you need a smtp server (say IIS), you need some email generate package (or CDO will do) and you need to know how to generate an email... then all left is to get the email and post you source in the right format...

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    Default Try searching for articles...

    For example, 4GuysFromRolla has this article:<BR><BR>

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