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Thread: C#Script?

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    Armagan Guest

    Default C#Script?

    Hello. I wonder, will we able to write ASP.NET pages with C# or will there be a C#Script just like VBScript?

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    Default No, C#

    There is no scripting with ASP.NET. ASP.NET pages are compiled programs. You use C#, not C#Script (such a thing doesn&#039t exist). You use VB, not VBScript. JScript.NET, despite it&#039s name, is not a script in the sense that it is interpretted. Rather, it is compiled into the IM that all .NET languages use.<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Hakki Ocal Guest

    Default RE: No, C#

    How do you know? I mean, how can you say that there is no such a thing in people&#039s head as, say, SharpScript?<BR><BR>Respectfully<BR>

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