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    wduty Guest

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    I have an asp website running on NT/IIS4 which uses an Access database. The server is fast and normally the website is very speedy.<BR><BR>However, after a while (1 - 2 months) connections to the access database build up (there is usually an ldb file with 4 - 6 admin connections). These connections won&#039t go away and performance is severely slowed on the pages which call the database. The only thing which I have found effectively clears this is restarting the server.<BR><BR>I went through the entire site and made sure that all ADO connection and recordset objects are closed and set to nothing after use. However, this doesn&#039t seem to fix the problem. Is there something else this could be? There are no objects in sessions (I&#039m not even using sessions except in the content management area of the site, and that only for passwording).<BR><BR>Has anyone seen this problem? I don&#039t even know where to begin looking. Any help would be immensely appreciated.

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    Markkk Guest

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    I have had similar problems also. I have yet to find out what exactly is causing the "corrupted" locking files (*.ldb), other than the ACCESS file itself.<BR><BR>Moving to a more web-stable database (like SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) is of choice.....Remember that ACCESS is not a reliable databse for apps/pages that are involved with heavy web traffic.<BR><BR>Stick to your enterprise databases.

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    wduty Guest

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    Yeah I know. I recommended from the beginning of this project that the site be done with SQLServer which I prefer working with anyways but at the level of this site, the price tag scares clients away.<BR><BR>The thing is, the site hasn&#039t seen anything close to heavy traffic... Also I know more or less when there has been the highest level of activity and the lock-up occurrences don&#039t particularly correspond. The SQL queries on the site are rather complex and the asp is heavily database intensive so maybe there is a problem there(?).<BR><BR>It would be really embarrassing to tell the client at this point that they are going to have to spring for a new database and associated development cost.<BR><BR>Any other ideas or help on this appreciated.

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    Default open conn at start of asp and close at end

    to avoid connection problems, open connection at the beginning of an asp file and close connection at end of it.<BR><BR>and never store connection obj in application obj or session obj<BR><BR>&#039patch<BR>all the same as a temporaty measure, keep a asp file , call it BrakeConn.asp<BR><BR>within it write code to close connection<BR>and execute it, when u think connection are piling up:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>connectionobj.close<BR>set connectionobj = nothing <BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>&#039i have tried the the same

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    wduty Guest

    Default RE: open conn at start of asp and close at end

    I consistently close the connections in every page so I doubt this is what is causing the problem.

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    EdP Guest

    Default RE: open conn at start of asp and close at end

    What about a daily or weekend scheduled reboot of the server during off peak time. Perhaps there is a memory leak issue with Access and ADO?

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    wduty Guest

    Default RE: open conn at start of asp and close at end

    I could try that but there has to be a better solution. I&#039ve never had this problem before and I&#039ve worked on a lot of other websites using asp/Access. It seems that I might be related to a Verisign COM object which we installed on the server for credit card processing. It seems that the problem tends to start on or shortly after accessing that page (though not in a predictable pattern). And it seems that the problem is bigger that just Access now that I&#039ve been watching it more carefully. The whole server slows down. The PC Anywhere connection we have as well as FTP connections becomes really sluggish after the problem occurs as if there were a bottleneck that the whole server process.<BR>It is just very hard to tell what is causing the problem and no one else seems to have experienced it. Anyone who knows about this please comment.

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    wduty Guest

    Default problem solved

    I found the problem. Apparently, what was happening was this:<BR><BR>The Versign component was created in a page which was being called twice. The reason for this was that, in the page calling the page which called the component, there was a set of form tags outside of a table which contained the elements of that form. Somehow, this caused the browser to think there were TWO forms rather than one and make two simultaneous, identical POST submissions. I verified this by setting up the page with the form to post to a page which sent me an email and I consistently received 2 emails with exactly the same date stamp. <BR><BR>When I took the form away from the table, the problem miraculously disappeared. The problem only occurred on IE PC. Everything has worked fine since I made this change. The component, when called twice like that caused a loop in the component that seemed to soak up all the CPU resources. Thus things which normally happen very quickly (like the opening and closing of ldb files) took forever and created the misleading impression that access was somehow to blame.<BR><BR>It&#039s embarrasing that all this boils down to bad HTML but that&#039s the way it&#039s looking.<BR><BR>Thanks for all the comments and help from everyone who responded to this post.

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