Sorry for posting agian...<BR><BR>Our Client requires that we use DSN for creating connection in ASP.<BR> I have created a System DSN using Oracle Driver 8.1 and the connection string is as follows.<BR>&#060;--<BR> strCon="dsn=OraHub2K_OD;uid=app01_r1;pwd=7userxc;" <BR>--&#062;<BR>While I am using this string in VB, it works fine. But when I am using it in ASP it creates the following error:<BR><BR>&#060;----<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified<BR>---&#062;<BR><BR>Why it is not working in ASP? Why it is looking for Microsoft ODBC?<BR>What is the solution? Please help solve this problem. <BR><BR>Thanks for help.<BR><BR>