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    Got a page where I want to show the time but have it constantly changing, e.g. seconds:1, then 2, then 3, etc.<BR>I am using server-side VBscript. I got the time posted, but I need to refresh the page in order to see the current time. Got a feeling I need to use a loop but I don&#039t know how to do this without the time just being displayed on the screen a million times (teehee). I am a beginner (surprise surprise) and any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    This is best done in JavaScript, because JS has builtin functions that can wait for a period of time. You *certainly* do not want to refresh the page every second...that will cause a round trip to the server and a "hit" on the server. Unless you truly expect to be updating something other than the "clock" once every second this is a terrible burden to put on the server.<BR><BR>Take a peek at and the JavaScript FAQ there and see if they don&#039t already have a precanned answer.<BR><BR>

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