Hello,<BR>We recently upgraded our web server to Windows 2000/IIS 5.0. Now we are unable to write to any databases via ASP. The ASP code worked fine under NT4/IIS4. We use FoxPro databases, access to them in IIS is via ODBC. I can update the data in the db directly in FoxPro across our LAN with no error. We are able to read data from the db into a recordset fine, display it on a web page, verify logon, etc., but as soon as we try to update the db (for example, once the user is logged on, update the db with date of last logon), we get an error. I have tried to do objRecordSet.Update and to update it directly via an objCommand.Execute with objCommand.commandText = strSQLStatement. Both give an error.<BR><BR>Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.<BR>Mike