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    I&#039m afraid I don&#039t have any snippets of code to show, but maybe I can just explain it... I am developing a simple web form page that is linked to an Access database. I can add records perfectly fine, but I am having trouble deleting records. <BR><BR>My object is rsEVENTS, and so I use the filter method to identify the record with the right id number, and then once I&#039ve found it, I give the old rsEVENTS.Delete along with rsEVENTS.Update <BR><BR>The form accepts it, runs the ACTION="add_or_delete.asp" handler that the above code is in, and returns to another screen, but the record is still there. And when I look at the actual database, it is still there too.<BR><BR>I know I am being extremely vague, but I just thought I&#039d throw it out there for anyone to take a look. thanks a bunch in advance,<BR>Jared

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    When you delete a record you only need to use the delete method of the recordset object. In other words, you only need to use rsEvent.Delete. Hope this helps.

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