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    I tried to insert a record into the database with the FormatDateTime(Date(),1) syntax, unfortunately the date inserted was shown as 01/01/1900. I have used the formatdate... function before on another database and the insertion worked just fine. I would like to know if the date and time has to be set up on the database, if it does how do I do this <BR>thankyou

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    The syntax for inserting dates is...<BR><BR>sql = "INSERT INTO MYTABLE (MYDATE) VALUES (#" & MYDATEVAL & "#)"<BR> (Access)<BR><BR>sql = "INSERT INTO MYTABLE (MYDATE) VALUES (&#039" & MYDATEVAL & "&#039)"<BR> (Other databases)<BR><BR>The MYDATE field has to be defined as DATETIME or DATE/TIME depending on what dbms you&#039re using.

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