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    I am trying to connect to an Oracle Database with A System DSN,<BR>created with Oracle ODBC Driver, from my ASP. It generates an error. The connection string and the error are shown below.<BR><BR>&#060;---<BR>connString="PROVIDER=MSDASQL;dsn=OraHub2KTest; uid=bnbn;pwd=mnbn;"<BR><BR>There was an error..<BR>Error Number:-2147467259<BR>Error Source:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers<BR>Error Description:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified<BR>--&#062;<BR>The same connection string works fine with VB. I tested a DSN-LESS connection like <BR>"Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;Data Source=H2K_ORA_DEV;" & _<BR> "User ID=cvbc;Password=fbnn;"<BR>which also works fine from ASP. <BR><BR>Our client requires that we have to have a DSN connection.<BR><BR>Why the same string work in VB, but does not work in ASP?<BR>Any help would be appreciated. <BR>

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    Are you sure your DSN Name is &#039OraHub2K&#039 ?

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    The string was created with VB form wizard. I just cut and pasted it. I could create the connection with the VB FORM. But it is not working with ASP. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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