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    Dvorak Guest

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    Is it possible to call a resizeTo() or resizeBy() method on a modalDialog window?<BR><BR>I am using the following function to acheive the desired effect on a standard "pop up" window, but the same code has no effect on the modalDialog window.<BR><BR>script:<BR><BR>function toggleWin() {<BR>self.resizeTo(400, 500) <BR>}<BR><BR>then I call toggleWin() via an onclick handler and voila, the window expands exactly as I want. It has no effect on the window that has been created as a modalDialog.<BR><BR>Anyone know if modalDialogs support resizing? I am trying to simulate an application dialog that has options (usually at the bottom) that can be toggled via a triangle to pop out from the bottom of the window.

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    Chad LaFarge Guest

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    Ah, my sad friend... As I&#039ve just discovered, the objects created by showModalDialog and showModelessDialog are not actually windows, and cannot be treated as such. Huge bummer for me.<BR><BR>Perhaps you can programmatically close the modal dialog (setting to null), then reopen at the appropriate size.<BR><BR>Chad

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