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    I have a dll file that is used in my asp site. I want to write some useful error handling, ie if the dll file is missing an error page/box appears stating a useful message like "Dll file is missing" as opposed to a windows error that means bugger all - "Error 56464564645645646, about to deconstruct in 2 minutes!". I have no idea how I trap this sort of error. Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>TIA <BR>Sarah.

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    There is an article on 4guys about it.<BR><BR>I would think that error could be trapped in the asp error collection, <BR>You can format the error messages yourself if you want, I trapped the error collection in an include file, and I just call the error collection functions within my ado calls.<BR><BR>Works nice, and its easy to take in and out of the code.<BR><BR>hth.<BR>Vivaldi

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