Memo field truncated to 256 chars?

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Thread: Memo field truncated to 256 chars?

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    Default Memo field truncated to 256 chars?

    Hi All<BR><BR>I&#039m grabbing a recordset from a SQLServer database using a Select query.<BR><BR>when I try to show a list of these in a table with either response.write or &#060;=%rs("MemoField")%&#062; the field is truncated to 256 chars.<BR><BR>Any idea why / a sotution? I have no idea as to what point it is truncated (this info would be useful if nothing else).<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help.<BR><BR>Best regards<BR><BR>Simon

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    Default How many in the DB

    have you checked in the DB to ensure there are MORE than 256

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