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    Hi all,<BR><BR>My problem is I can&#039t find any examples or samples on requesting a user input by a calendar control. <BR><BR>currently the component I&#039ve installed in my server returns a mm/dd/yy format. It actually creates a textbox and calendar for me. But unfortunately I&#039m not able to change the date format.<BR><BR>I&#039ve visited several websites but the examples are more on how to add an event to your calendar.<BR>Do you have any references/websites which are useful to me?<BR>I really need it...thanks very much. ;)

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    What exactly are you wishing to do. Do you want the user to input a date and store it in a database or do you just want a date to be displayed, or, have I totally misunderstood what you want.

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    Have a look at<BR><BR>There are a number of calendar resources listed here. See if one suits your requirement.<BR><BR>John

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