#includes cause flash movies to reload/replay

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Thread: #includes cause flash movies to reload/replay

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    Default #includes cause flash movies to reload/replay

    Problem: When using includes to bring in the copy to a page and having flash movies in the layout, the movie reloads everytime a page is called. <BR>Need: The Flash movie has to stay at proper frame, and the copy has to change.<BR><BR>Anyone know of a good way of doing this... and please don&#039t tell me to put my site in FRAMES. I&#039ve been experimenting with dynamic includes, and IE&#039s iframes.. so far no solution for both IE and NS.

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    Default try session variables

    When you first load your page, create a session variable. Then have your flash file look for that session variable. If one is present, then have it start from a certain point, otherwise have it start from the beginning.<BR><BR>You could also do the same thing by passing the variable in the URL and have flash read from that.

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    Default RE: try session variables

    will try it.. thx

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