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    Can anyone help me with this one?<BR><BR>I&#039m to build two functions in ASP to calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR). I know the functions behind them and could implemt them in the code. However this will yield very extensive code.<BR><BR>Does anyone have a better easier solution? We are using MS SQL Server 7.0. I don&#039t know if this DB has a NPV or IRR of its own.<BR><BR>Advise ?

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    Well, IRR can&#039t be done by a formula, as I presume you know. It has to be done by an iterative routine that keeps finding close and closer answers. And since any generalized function that did all that would have to make *SO* many assumptions about the data (e.g., one debit/credit per period, all periods of equal length, etc., etc., etc.) I doubt you&#039ll find one in any DB system.<BR><BR>Now, you *could* probably write one in SQL server, as a stored procedure, but truly it is surely easier to do this in VBS code, no?<BR><BR>Net PV can probably be written as a query in SQL Server *or* even in Access. After all, it&#039s just the sum of the PV&#039s, right? You could even derive the number of periods for each record by using a date field in the record. Again, though, this is really easy to do in VBS code.<BR><BR>I don&#039t see that either of these qualify as "extensive code". Perhaps, what...a dozen lines or so of VBS code? Maybe 20 for the IRR, max?<BR><BR>

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