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    I am in the process of developing the free online resume web site. I was wondering if someone can guide me to the following.<BR>"Once the user logged in to my website, after searching the job database (MS Access/SQL) when they apply online to certain job openeing, their resume (from Database) goes to those employers. I am looking similar case like monster.com, where users log in, than they search for the jobs, and than they apply online without filling a form or pasting theier resume.

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    Your question is so vague. We have no idea what is your experience. The purpose of this messageboard is not to write your project for you. You must do that yourself and some homework. Then ask about specific problem.<BR><BR>For a start look at monster carefully study what they are returning to you in response to your input and navigation. This should give you a bit of an idea of what programs and data storage you require. That is, look at the input you have to supply (forms fields etc), and look at what what they send back in response. Also look at what is required when you are applying for jobs, especially what is included with you application that you do not have to supply each time you apply. Obviously the data that you only have to supply once, must be stored somewhere.<BR>Specific details such as name, address, phone and email, would likely be kept in a database. More detailed info, such as the text of the resume could be stored in db in memo fields, or in separate files with reference in db. <BR><BR>If the site remembers you when you return, it probably uses cookies and to keep track while you are logged in it would use session variables.<BR><BR>As you can see this is all to much to answer in detail without specific questions. You must work out what you want your site to do and you must design the site and program it. There are many way to do it. <BR><BR>As an alternative they offer affiliations, then you would not need to do all the hard programming. Just join the affiliates program.

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    Another alternative is for you to send me a brief of what you want, I do the program, you pay me!

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