Well,<BR><BR>I have had a web pager set up for my group on the intranet. Nothing special, it just allowed us to sent results from one site to another site&#039s tech&#039s alpha pager quickly and easily. I used the "newmail" object of CDONTS.<BR><BR>It has been working happily for about 5 months with no issues. Now, it has stopped working. Everything appears to be fine, but the messages are not sent. I have checked the object and it is being created. I am not getting any errors, just no email messages.<BR><BR>Does anyone know what I need to check into? The web server folks may have changed something and didn&#039t let me know. I would like to do the "have you changed this lately?" type thing because if I give them the "Have you changed anything?" question, I have a good change of getting the standard "no" response. Thanks for the help!<BR><BR>Clint Corbin