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    Aziz Guest

    Default Call Database/Access data in Server from workstati

    Hello guys, I need some help here. I&#039ve got a VB6 program running in a workstation. What am I suppose to do, to call the database, currently residing in the server, from the workstation that I am running the VB6 application.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.

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    Default Nothing to do with ASP???

    What, if anything, does this have to do with ASP????<BR><BR>Anyway, the answer is "it depends". How are you trying to access the DB from VB6? Also using ADO or DAO or or or or???<BR><BR>I suppose the generic answer would be: Set up a DSN on your machine that references the DB on the server machine and then open the DB via the DSN. 90% chance that is all you need.<BR><BR>But you probably ought to go find a VB group to ask this of?<BR><BR>

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    Aziz Guest

    Default RE: Nothing to do with ASP???

    Sorry, this one particular question has nothing to do with ASP. Just came across this forum where I can ask on VB, but I might use this forum for my enquiries on ASP Projects in the future. Thank you Bill, for your kind advice... :o).<BR><BR>BTW, any other good msgboard on VB that u might recommend to me?

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