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    nath Guest

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    I have a web page which has frames in it. The web page page is displayed based on certain session variables data. In the form generated, i have a drop down box with 5 options. when i choose an option i.e. onchange of the dropdown box the form is to be displayed with all the old data and a table of data pertaining to the selection made.<BR>i think by default the event fired is onchange for a drop down box. i have written some vb script for the onchange event but there is no effect on the web page.<BR><BR>i have been searching all over the web but everyone has the event fired and a new page displaying.. <BR><BR>please help<BR><BR>

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    dontworry Guest

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    You need javascript to run this on the &#039client&#039. vbscript does not work for netscape. first get your javascript onchange to fire the submit. It should submit the &#039choosen&#039 value to an asp page that will display records based on the option choosen.<BR><BR>remember to sign up at and use dontworry as your referral.<BR>thanks

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