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    I know this isn&#039t what this message board is about, and I apologize if I am intruding, but I have hit a seemingly endless mental block. I am a beginner with ASP (surprise, surprise) and I have been reading a Sam&#039s book (which I dislike) and it seems as if I am not getting hardly anything from it. And basic ASP concepts just don&#039t stick. Did any of you have a problem with this when starting out? Does it get better or am I just not cut out for this stuff? <BR> Again, I am sorry for the intrusion. Happy holiday season.<BR>

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    Yes, I still have a mental block just ask Bill W. I told him today I wanted to trade my pc in on a Speak and Spell!<BR><BR>Stick with it! If you don&#039t like that book got to a book store or a library and find one you do like. <BR><BR>Trying to learn anything when you don&#039t like the teachers method will cause everything to slide right out of your brain.<BR><BR>Hang in there if you really want to learn.

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    Hey,<BR>If you are a beginning programmer in general I wouldn&#039t worry about it too much. There is a slight learning curve with programming. I also recommend the O&#039reilley books for any programming topic! I learned vbScript and Java from those books. They rock!!<BR><BR>

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    This is just my personal opinion, so you can disregard it if you want :). I had to learn ASP, and learn it FAST. So my boss got me about a half-dozen ASP and ASP-related books.<BR><BR>Personally, the ones I found the most useful were hands-on books, especially (shameless plug) "ASP Developer&#039s Guide", "Instant ASP Components" and "Instant ASP Scripts" by Greg Buczek. Why did I like these? Because they were all incredibly easy to read, and they all came with CDs with sample ASP programs. It could be just me, but when I see the code already written, and can interact with it, it makes A LOT more sense. If you can get one of these, I suggest it!

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