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    i guess this is a eternal question with very few replies posted. Can somebody post a way for me to run a macro in access(this macro exports the table in excel format)?? from a ASP page<BR><BR>thanks

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    Some of you people expect so much. Executing Access macros is something for access users. Its not for web programmers. It is only intended for non-programmers to do some simple automation at the desktop.<BR><BR>If you want to export an Excel Spreadsheet, use ADO. I have never done this myself but I have seen plenty of articles here and in 4guysfromrolla. Just do a search.<BR><BR>Another point: If just display the recordset in an ordinary html table, your users can drag out a selection in their browser and copy/paste straight into Excel sheet. So I think there is little point in going to the trouble of doing it for them unless specifically required.

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