Hi,<BR><BR>I would like to display a splash short error message on screen if the form being submitted is blank.<BR><BR>I&#039ve downloaded and installed the WaitFor tool<BR>(http://www.serverobjects.com/products.htm#waitfor)<BR>that I use to define the time during which the err msg is shown.<BR>Problem is, it doesn&#039t show. The browser pretends it&#039s loading the page during 2 seconds (the delay i defined); but nothing goes on screen, and finally the original page redisplays as it should, but it the mean time the error did not show up.<BR><BR>Here&#039s the code:<BR><BR>If Request.QueryString("service") = "" Then<BR> Response.Write ("Please input name !")<BR>&#039 Response.Flush<BR> Set WaitObj = Server.CreateObject ("WaitFor.Comp")<BR> WaitObj.WaitForSeconds 2<BR>&#039 Response.ContentType = "text/HTML"<BR> Response.Redirect "externe.htm"<BR> Response.End<BR>End If<BR><BR>Note: if I don&#039t deactivate the response.flush line, it results in an HTTP header error, even though i put Response.buffer=treu at the beginning of the doc.<BR><BR>Any idea, anyone? Thanks for any help !