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    im trying to create transactions in vb components <BR>and would like to do it by creating the object context object <BR>and using its transcation stuff .. but throughout my 3 years of <BR>component writing iv only ever got it to work on one of the three machines that i have used ... has anyone got any code that has consistently worked or should i just give up and use the connection object to do my transactions <BR>( .. not as elegant, & more hassle by far )

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    What&#039s your error that you&#039re getting??<BR><BR>If you&#039re using NT, all you have to do is include the correct DLL (don&#039t know what it is off the top of my head, but you could find it on MS). Then, set your VB app to &#039Supports Transactions&#039, and then you can do your obj.SetAbort and the related transaction features.

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