IIS 5.0 for Win2K Install Problems

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Thread: IIS 5.0 for Win2K Install Problems

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    Scott Assenheimer Guest

    Default IIS 5.0 for Win2K Install Problems

    OK, I installed IIS 5.0 for Win2K Prof off the CD. It seems everything is fine but it won&#039t serve pages. <BR><BR>I had no installation hickups, all the components are active. The IIS web service is started, the IP address for the default webroot site is "unassigned", the (default) pages are there, and proxy settings are unchecked. I can even ping the server (using "") from the commandline. It sends data and comes back with equal amounts of data.<BR><BR>But typing any of the local host URLs ("http://localhost", "http://127.0.01", or "Http://&#060;my computer name&#062;") makes IE just churn and burn until it comes back with the "can&#039t display page" message.<BR><BR>I have a cable modem (RoadRunner, which runs fine at the time) and "Norton Personal Firewall" installed. I also had a dialup (which I finally just removed while searching for the problem....)<BR><BR>1) Is there something else I need to setup or change?<BR>2) Could the firewall software have an affect?<BR>3) Should the IP address remain as "unassigned" or should I set it to the loopback?<BR><BR>Being a newbie at this is killing me...<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Scott

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    Scott (again) Guest

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    OK, I also disabled the firewall. No luck. I made sure the IP address was unassigned (heard that from someone). No Luck.<BR><BR>I looked at my Cable Modem settings, and that has TCP/IP, Client for MS Networks, the Firewall Driver, and File and Print Sharing. I am thinking about diabling C4MSN. Any other ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Scott

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