Hi there <BR><BR>I put this up a couple of days ago but the solution didn&#039t help I&#039m afraid - any further help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>I have written a large application form in asp which has 13 &#039pages&#039 - it&#039s the same asp, but each time you fill in a &#039page&#039, the fields update in the database and the next set of questions arises. <BR><BR>Now, on some &#039pages&#039 there are quite a lot of fields - 48 text fields on one page. If an applicant fills in all of them with a lot of text, we get this error &#039 80004005 - Record is too large.&#039 <BR><BR>There&#039s an access database on the other end but there is no possibility of trying to put too much data in to a particular field - the inputs have maxlengths on them. <BR><BR>It appears to be a problem with the Microsoft Access Driver - that comes up in err.description. Any ideas? Is there any way I can get round this? It&#039s not the buffer size in the DNS by the way - someone suggested that the other day but unfortunately the problem is still occurring.<BR><BR>Any assistance greatly appreciated; thanks a lot <BR><BR><BR>Phil Buckley <BR>phil@thecoro.net<BR>