using asp with java classes (help needed!)

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Thread: using asp with java classes (help needed!)

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    Default using asp with java classes (help needed!)

    I used the "An Introduction to using Java with ASP <BR>By Ian Stallings" to create a .class file which calls other methods in other classfiles, but I get " java Exception error &#039 80004005&#039 java.Lang.NoClassDefFoundError. I think it has somthing to do with some import statements, but i&#039m not sure. The javacode runs smoothly on the javacompiler, so I don&#039t know what&#039s wrong. Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! <BR>

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    You *probably* don&#039t have the classpath set to add the directory where your new classes are to the list of searched directories.<BR><BR>That&#039s almost always what that error means when you do things standalone, so I&#039d expect the same error when trying to do it from ASP. <BR><BR>I&#039ve never used MS Java from ASP, so I can&#039t tell you *how* to change the classpath that is used. Hopefully you can find that in the docs.<BR><BR>

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