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    chandu Guest

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    Hi friends,<BR> let me explain the problem.i have one main window.having one registration form having several after submitting the form, i have given target as new window(child window).in child window form i have to options..rollback and confirm..both r buttons..<BR>on rollback i simply uses self.close()..<BR>but on clicking the confirm button, i want to submit to another form and the target is parent window ..<BR>for this i have used one function given below..<BR>function temp()<BR>{<BR>//;<BR>//;< BR>//document.frmname.action="parent form";<BR>//"tbl.asp"<BR>document. frmname.submit();<BR>self.close();<BR>}<BR>but the above 4 commented lines opens another window..<BR>i want to submit the parent window..<BR>if u want any other details pl respond..<BR>if any suggestions pl respond...thanq...<BR>

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    G Waddell Guest

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    try: <BR>parent.frames(name).Formname.submit = true

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    chandu Guest

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    Thanq..i got that one..its so simple..if there is no frames...<BR>we can simply <BR>use"xxx" in parent window form..<BR>in child window form..simply"xxx"..<BR>if there is frameset we can simply mension target="frame name"<BR>thats all.<BR>Thanq very much for your response...<BR>sorry for late reply..<BR>

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