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    I have been making some graphics for my page and before I would save them as .JPG with low quality to make them faster. If I saved them as .GIF I would lose a lot of colours.<BR>But now I have Photoshop 5.5 and with webgraphics I can make perfect .GIF files with no colour loss what-so-ever and the filesize is cut in half!! This is great but they are saved as "Compuserve GIF". It works with version of IE and Netscape but does this work everywhere?? This is really important of course. Can somebody explain to me where this came from, how it works and especially if it works everywhere.

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    All gifs are Compuserve gif&#039s Compuserver were the people who designed the gif format so yes they will work in every browser etc. as long as they take gifs ( it&#039s like adobe with .pdf&#039s)

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