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    pari Guest

    Default Insert Image into database

    hi<BR>i have a column in the db having data type image. i need to store the image in this column how do i do this. am using SQl 7.<BR>thnx in adv<BR>pari<BR>

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    Mr. Bigglesworth Guest

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    Not sure, but I do know it&#039s far more efficient to reference the image through a path rather than inserting it directly into the db.<BR><BR>put the path in your db row:<BR><BR>/images/image.gif<BR><BR>then call it like this:<BR><BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%= (rsGetImage("Image")) %&#062;"&#062;

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    pari Guest

    Default Tats true bu the client wants tat way...

    client doesnt wan to handle the filesystems.. he wants the images also to reside on the database.. tats more managable for him....and secure.. for HIM<BR>

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