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    hmm, now my client wants to do a word download. i have to select the information from the database and write it to a word document and format it nicely and then let him download in the administration module. the download could be done by a hyperlink but how about the writing to a word file... never did that before but i am gamed for the challenge... but need your guidance though ;)

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    This is, relatively, a toughie. You *can* treat MS WORD as an ActiveX control. That is, do a Server.CreateObject("")<BR>and then "script" Word. (I don&#039t know offhand what that actual name to use is certainly not !!)<BR><BR>But scripting MS Word is *not* easy. Especially if you are trying to generate particular formats, etc., etc.<BR><BR>Think of it this way: Every place where you would hit a control key or use the mouse to choose some sort of option or or or when using MS Word manually, you have to make an ActiveX scripting call. SO you end up doing things such as:<BR><BR>wordObj.SetTextStyle("bold")<BR>wordObj .WriteText("Only")<BR>wordObj.ReSetTextStyle("bold ")<BR>wordObj.WriteText(" the word ""only"" will be bolded.")<BR><BR>(That is *Not* proper scripting...I&#039m just trying to show you the level of detail you have to go to in order to make it come out right.)<BR><BR>Suffice to say, you are looking at a *LOONNNGG* project here, I think!<BR><BR><BR>

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    What Bill has said agin is right -- he always get&#039s it right :)<BR><BR>I think that U can also create template Word files with placeholders (almost like named references) and refer to those placeholders through code.<BR><BR>For example U might create a reference on your Template called "memo_field", then U can refer to "memo_field" in code.<BR><BR>I&#039m sorry but I do not know the syntax for doing this, but I&#039m sure I&#039ve seen it done before. U will have to do a bit of research.<BR><BR>This might be worth contemplating.<BR><BR><BR>I hope this helped uyou :))

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