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    insert into maid (MaidPictureLocation) values (&#039uploadeduploadeduploadedMaid1.jpg&#039 ) where maidreferenceno = &#0390999&#039 <BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039 80040e14&#039 <BR><BR>Missing semicolon (;) at end of SQL statement. <BR>

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    Your SQL syntax is wrong. You don&#039t use a WHERE clause witn an INSERT. Did you mean to do an UPDATE instead of an INSERT???<BR><BR>Mayhap you need some tutorial help with SQL? If so, try this page:<BR><BR><BR><BR>It&#039s the best one-html-page helpl for SQL you will find.<BR><BR>

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    WOW... a teacher is a teacher... even knows what a student wants to do... yup, i wanted to do a update but hmmm.. go and do an insert... thanks for the sql tutorial.. will go and take look<BR><BR>your ever-learning student

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