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    Hello, <BR> <BR>We need to determine our costs for an upcoming job. Please provide a quote for the following job(s) via fax or email-reply as soon as possible. <BR> <BR>--<BR>JobTitle: BeH Online Forms Revision:<BR> <BR>1. Write ASP script(s) to reside in the web folder (hosted by UUNET) for the following 3 forms:<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>2. Preview Page<BR>When user selects submit on the form reappears with their input and a new line asking them to "Please review your responses and click submit below"<BR> <BR>3. Confirmation Page<BR>Once the review page submit button is clicked the form results (questions: response) are sent to an email address and the browser displays a confirmation page with a "OK" button that will take the user back to, from which started.<BR> <BR>IMPORTANT: Estimate must include Job Number/Title<BR>--<BR>Contact me if there are any questions.<BR> <BR>Thank You,<BR> <BR>Dan Oden,<BR>Production Manager<BR>GDA Technology Advertising<BR>2075 De La Cruz, #101, Santa Clara, CA 95050<BR>Ph: (408) 727-3500 / Fx: (408) 727-1601

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    what is your email dan???

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