Anyone using Interdev?

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Thread: Anyone using Interdev?

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    Just wondering if anyone out there is using interdev, and could tell me where I can get some good information on using it...effectively. So far it&#039s only been a pain in the ***, and I&#039m still loving Homesite. It&#039s all the stupid stuff that&#039s pissing me off. I can&#039t have line numbers in the gutter. The lack of full customization with color coding, and so on. Any info people?

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    Don&#039t know what you&#039re looking for specifically, but here are a few websites I have used. Also, I learned the product by the books I found in Barnes & Noble. The Microsoft Programming and Developing books for MS Interdev are actually pretty good. <BR>1.<BR>2.<BR>3.<BR><BR>Also, If you can find it, the black book is a great help.

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