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    I&#039m really struggling to capture an error 404 occurence and point it to a .asp file that will source the error page and redirect accordingly depending upon what file was requested.<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried to FTP a .htacess (rubbish host FAQ) to my root but it doesn&#039t show on my server. This file points to a badurl.htm file...but it doesn&#039t work!<BR><BR>:(<BR><BR>any takers?<BR>cheers

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    Check out this article on 4Guys:<BR>

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    been there...done that..nice article...<BR><BR>but what is a Internet Service Manager ???<BR>(must be so basic that it is assumed knowledge...oh dear, I don&#039t know!)<BR><BR>basically I use Dreamweaver2, upload by BulletPoint FTP...job done!<BR><BR>my host at has no FAQ on NT redirection and error 404 detection and they haven&#039t replied to my requests - they&#039re normally very good.

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