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    Suppose I want a variable to be at the top of the page on all web pages in my site<BR><BR>here are the page names<BR><BR>default.asp<BR>info.asp<BR>help.asp<B R>nowandthen.asp<BR>consumer.asp<BR><BR>now I know this is possible in the global.asa file I am not sure how to do this but lets say I want to hack on the variable LoggedInfo to all those pages how do i do this I know its in the Application object but I am not sure how to do this can somebody help me :-)

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    in Gloabl.asa, under application_onstart event just type<BR>Application("myvariable")=100<BR><BR>That& #039s it. you can access this variable like<BR>xyz=application("myvariable")<BR>in any page under your application.

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